Personal sketchbook sneak peek!

I end up with a lot of sketches of cars!

Personal sketchbooks are a great way to practice your drawing skills without pressure.  I have been trying to keep a sketchbook with me during the day so I can take advantage of those rare quiet moments (usually waiting for my kids).  The best part is that nobody usually sees my sketchbook, so I am free to try new things and make mistakes.  I also use my sketchbook as an idea book for future paintings. 

I also end up with unfinished sketches- it’s okay, I can always add to them later…



I highly recommend starting a personal sketchbook (especially if you are planning on coming to some of the Summer Sketch Tuesdays).

*plus there are so many lovely accoutrements:   notebooks, pens, fountain pens, brush pens, inks, pencils, pastel pencils, portable watercolor sets, nifty pencil bags…

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