Stephanie Todhunter

IMG_3725Immediacy and experimentation are essential to my work, and I try to reduce a given subject to its most basic idea without sentimentality.  I love the all-or-nothing aspect of working with oil marker and India inks as well as the vibrant colors and abstract forms I’m able to create with alcohol inks.  I like to experiment with large fields of bold, solid colors; simplicity; and strong lines.  I sometimes use collage to add to my paintings a bit of black humor or satire and another layer of spontaneity.

recent work:

Latchkey kids:  Using plaster and alcohol inks, I’ve been working to capture the lost-in-place feeling of the 1970s latchkey kid generation.  Each girl is individual but trapped in limbo; her originally vibrant colors are now faded and blurred.  The larger glass-backprinted photographs also capture this dreamy β€œlost” quality.  To read about the process, please visit The Latchkey Project.

Manager:  Jerome Street Studios, 128 Jerome Street, West Medford, MA

Board Member:  West Medford Open Studios

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