Baykid Papertoy S.N.A.F.U.

Stephanie Todhunter is thrilled to announce the release of her first collaboration with Baykiddead!

Presenting The Lost Girl Baykid Papertoy S.N.A.F.U.

For offer, The Baykid: a 16” tall papertoy shipped as a 9 page template flatpack. Included is a blank template ready for your very own customization. The blank can also serve as a practice model to build first.

$75 shipped anywhere in the US. International orders please confirm other shipping options before purchase by DM.

If you would like to purchase a Lost Girl Baykid, please contact Stephanie Todhunter at or DM her directly at @stephanietodhunterart.

To view more of Baykid’s work, and to see the other members of the Baykid Papertoy family, visit @baykiddead. He also has a complete set of videos detailing the step by step process of assembling your very own Papertoy! It could be the perfect thing to occupy your time during the upcoming winter…

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