Greenpoint Gallery Covid-19 Show

Stephanie Todhunter

I’m so glad to be included in the Greenpoint Gallery’s first ever virtual gallery show in support of artists during the coronavirus pandemic.  In addition to showcasing local (and not so local) artists work during lockdown, it is also a fundraiser for the gallery.

Please stop by and vote for me for the “popular choice”!  The bad news is that each vote costs $1, the good news is that all the money goes towards supporting Greenpoint Gallery and its programs.

Click here to vote for me!  And thanks for your support!

Greenpoint Gallery

Brooklyn, NY

Established in 2004 by artist and musician Shawn James, The Greenpoint Gallery is a non-profit arts organization focused on emerging artists and offering classes, lectures, career counseling and affordable exhibition space. By fostering both creativity and business skills, our mission is to empower artists and help them navigate the art market as well as establish a path towards achieving their career goals.

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