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Bitters, Syrups + Aperitifs

A HUNGER Workshop

Please join us in welcoming Nanc Hart back to Jerome Street Studios! We are so excited about this new workshop.  Nanc will demonstrate how to make bitters, syrups and aperitifs from seasonal fruits and herbs.  
To learn more about Nanc: 
When: September 10th
Time: 7-9
Max. 8 Come to share the bountiful summer !
$46.00 reserve by check or cash
         *Please email: confirmation + for payment details by [snail mail]
We will make 2 jars of bitters, 2 of syrup and 2 Aperitifs. Take home all 6 magical brews and 6 recipes.[we will be working with vodka + white wine so an assortment of apps. will be available as well]

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