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Do you have artists on your gift list this holiday season? Do you think they will be interested in Risograph printing their work?

Risograph Color Chart - Gift for Artists

Risograph printing is a very vibrant way of publishing new art work, and it can generate income for the artist with print sales. Now you can gift a membership to our Self-Publishing Artist Program. We have gorgeous color charts to showcase the possibilities of 2-color overprinting, and the artists will receive these color charts during the holidays as the start of their gift. Each sheet in the color chart is 11″x17″ and they show 7 different combinations. There are 6 sheets in the set, so it is more than 40 different combinations that the artists can pick from. The color chart alone is a great gift for an artist, and all the amazing prints they will create using this as a reference are a bonus gift, all year long.

Since this is a monthly printing program, this gift will keep on giving every month. The artists will receive an edition of 50 of their work in 2-color, starting in January. So this gift can be a part of their new year resolution too: “I will publish new print work every month”. If you think this is something they would say, the Self-Publishing Artist Program will be a great gift for the artist on your list.

You can use the coupon code “GiftForArtist” at checkout to get %50 off in December. This will cover the color chart shipment before December 24th, and the artist can start printing in January.

Do you have questions? Feel free to write to me at, and I am happy to help you with the decision. We can chat about the artist’s work and their needs. Self-Publishing Artist Program is all about empowering independent artists, so we share all of our experiences with the artists.

We also have prints for sale for everyone on your list, so don’t forget to take a look at our full collection.

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