Cyanotype Printing Workshop

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Learn the art of cyanotypes with artist Susan Murie.

In this intensive workshop you will learn the history and how-to behind the fascinating  cyanotype printing process. Susan will demonstrate how to prepare paper and make and process prints. She will also share tips for getting the best results. Price includes all materials and you will go home with additional coated paper to expose, a sheet of 11″x14″ plexiglass with backing and a supplier list. You are also welcome to bring large black and white negatives, flowers and other objects.

Susan Murie is a Boston area artist. Her work was recently shown at Art@Freepoint x Maud Morgan Arts and The Curated Fridge. She is an artist in the 2018 Community Supported Art program in Cambridge where “residents, artists, arts organizations, and the corporate community all connect to support increased cultural identity and economic vitality in the city”.


Visit Susan’s website for more information:

Workshop Information

This workshop is WEATHER DEPENDENT.  We need to have a sunny day so the prints will be able to develop properly.  If you would be interested in taking this workshop, please contact me (Stephanie Todhunter).  Once I have 4-6 interested people, I will set up a series of dates that work for everyone (ie first choice, second rain day, third rain day).  This type of workshop is rarely offered due to the logistics- but I’m extremely excited about the possibility. And I’m definitely signing up to do it myself!

4-6 people
3 hours
$150 per person
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