Armchair Traveler: Cusco & Machu Picchu

Thursday, January 21, 7-8:30 pm

MACI space, Meadow Glen Mall, MedfordScreen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.15.03 PM

Join MACI member Susan Altman and her partner Becky Hemperly for a virtual visit to the awe-inspiring highlands of Peru–the eleven-thousand-foot-high city of Cusco, and many ancient Incan sites, including the astonishing structures of Machu Picchu.

Although little of the Andean peoples’ plentiful artwork was left after the brutal Spanish conquest (almost all the enormous quantity of Incan gold and silver wall coverings, statuary, and jewelry was melted down to make Spanish coins), their stonework still stands as a monument to the spectacular building and engineering skills of the Andean people. Also, weaving gorgeous, brightly colored textiles is something that almost every girl (and many boys) from the mountain villages still learn to do early and well, and every local market features stall after stall of beautifully crafted (and highly affordable!) table runners, bags, hats, wall hangings, shawls, and other textiles.

Come see the art and mountains of the Andes, and enjoy free snacks!  Notecards of Peruvian scenes will also be available to purchase.

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