spraypaint dilemma…

I’m trying to figure out a way to spraypaint indoors safely (no garage/shed options).  My studio is in the attic, so I’m trying to create a small spraypaint tent in the corner, under one of the skylights.  I taped up some plastic sheeting and rigged a fan in the window and tried it out today.  It definitely cut down on the dust and some of the fumes, but I’m still getting fumes down into the rest of the house (not safe for the other artists and for my family).  I think the problem may be that the fan isn’t strong enough to create negative air pressure in the tented room?  Or is it just impossible to vent all the fumes safely?

I’m not doing huge amounts of spraying- just some edging and some stenciling.  But still- anybody have any experience with this?  Any solutions or recommendations?

ThanksIMG_3725 IMG_3718 IMG_3717 IMG_3716 IMG_3715– Stephanie

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  1. The addition of a fan blowing fresh air into your “tent” may help. Also, a local company, Zipwall, makes plastic sheeting wall systems to keep dust, etc contained in the work area. The also make stick on zipper doors for access to the sealed off area. Good stuff. This video may give you some ideas. https://youtu.be/vUcAu6rD8rU. Skip to 4:30

    Also, I have a friend looking for studio space. Is there any available?

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