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Hilary Tait Norod!

Marni Elyse Katz raves about Norod’s White Series

Is there a better way to start off a Monday morning than finding out a leading writer and editor in Boston, Marni Elyse Katz, is featuring your work in her cutting-edge online style blog?!…. Well I don’t believe so!

On her blog, SyleCarrot, Katz entangles all aspects of contemporary style from “wrap dresses, platform sandals, shimmery lipstick, dewy skin, shiny hair, green weddings, zebra skin rugs, modernist furniture, cavernous closets, emerging artists, bauhaus architecture, japanese gardens, kissing, and fantasies of all types.”

Check out today’s article titled : ARTmonday: 10 Variations On White

Katz begins with an interview of my Father, Sam Norod, for a piece she was writing for the Boston Globe and it ended with a feature on my artwork!… ps thanks Dad!

Here’s an excerpt from the article….

 The other day I had the pleasure of talking with Sam Norod, a principal at Elkus Manfredi. Wrapping up business chatter, we connected on other things, including art. Norod’s daughter, Hilary Tait Norod, is an artist in her late 20s who recently moved back to the East Coast. Of course I clicked over to her website to have a look.

I was drawn to her white abstract paintings. The White Series began as a challenge—with the exception of the black outlines, all the colors on the canvas have been mixed with different ratios of white paint. The shapes in the compositions develop from through layering the paint and other materials on the canvas…

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