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About the latchkey project

(Stephanie Todhunter)

latchkeygrid16Thank you for all your questions last weekend about the new project I have been working on this winter.  I will try to answer some of them here…

Using plaster and alcohol inks, I’ve been working to capture the lost-in-place feeling of the 1970s latchkey kid generation. Each girl is individual but trapped in limbo; her originally vibrant colors are now faded and blurred.

I start with vintage dolls from the 70’s, a cardboard mold, plaster of paris and alcohol inks…

vintage dolls from the 1970s

IMG_3253 samantha:fullsize IMG_2639 IMG_2613 IMG_2636 IMG_2632 IMG_2624


Each latchkey has her own unique name and personality… and I’ll keep on making them until I run out of supplies or space.

I hope that one day I’ll be able to hang them all together on one big wall!

Original plaster/mixed media works: 9”x11’x1.5” 

Glass back printing:

IMG_3430IMG_3043  IMG_3427

The larger glass-backprinted photographs capture this dreamy “lost” quality especially well. I am working toward a series of the glass portraits as well- two a month hopefully. I am up to seven…

Original macro photograph portrait printed directly onto glass with full color UV ink:


latchkeygood1 IMG_2599 IMG_2641

The glass portraits are available for purchase…  and you are invited to stop by anytime to take a look at my studio and to see the project in person.


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