Call to local artists: Show opportunity!

cambridge_common_rest_logoCambridge Eats & Beats Call To Local Artists!:

Cambridge Eats and Beats owns three vivacious restaurants on Mass Ave in Cambridge; Cambridge Common, Christopher’s Restaurant and West Side Lounge all near Porter Square.  We are looking for new Artists to show their work! All three locations are different and very interesting restaurants, with unique spaces that grant a lot of exposure for artwork. There is no fee for exhibiting in these establishments, nor do the restaurants take a commission from any work sold as a result of an exhibition. We show one Artist per venue for approximately 6 weeks. It takes around 15 pieces of work to fill a venue. Work is preferably no smaller than 18″ x 24″ and no glass. Each piece needs to be ready-to-hang with wire attached to the back of every work. 

Examples of what we are looking for Bold, Raw, Urban Art. Preferably looking for paintings or mixed media pieces. Photography maybe be of interest if they are not mounted behind glass, and 3D work can be considered if they hang on the walls.

The Artwork would include, but not limited to: bright colors, intense and interesting subject matter, iconic portraits, abstract, graffiti styles, etc.

Please email a link to your website, images, and a little about your work to

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