Local potter Gail Barry participating in Mudflat’s Holiday Sale

gbarry-coveredcasseroleLocal Medford potter Gail Barry will be selling her lovely pottery at the annual Mudflat Open Studio & Pottery Sale.  The sale runs from December 5-14 and is located at the Mudflat Pottery School in Somerville.

“As I continue to try to find my special “voice” in clay, I realize that I am enjoying the journey more than finding a special technique/glaze/form etc. My pots vary in form, size, shape, color and function just as we are varied in our ways of being in this world. I enjoy hand forming as well as wheel throwing and continue to refine my skills as well as my thoughts of what I like. While I have strong roots in creating functional pottery, I am fascinated with the excitement of Raku and Pit firing techniques which yield a more porous and decorative pot. I derive joy not only from creating pots, but also from the pleasure of knowing that others will appreciate and use them.”- Gail Barry

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