3d printer and plasma cutting machine opportunities!

Medford Vocational Technical High school recently purchased the Stratasys Uprint Se Plus 3D printer and also a Plasma Cam Robotic Plasma Cutting Machine. MVHS students are currently assembling and learning how to use these two new devices. Once the machines are up and running, MVHS may offer classes and rental time to local artists. If you would be interested in using, or learning about, the 3d printer or the plasma cutter please email Stephanie Todhunter at smtodhunter@yahoo.com. She has more information about both the machines and the opportunities that may be available next year. There are so many amazing pieces being created by artists using these tools…

nervous-system-3d-printed-jewelry-5  plasmacafeplasmacam1  uprint_se_plus_3d_print_packstratasys


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