Summer Sketch Tuesday: July 22nd

So we had our first Tuesday night sketch group this week.  It was a small group, and I hadn’t really pulled a lesson together but we still had fun and managed to get in a couple of portraits.  We did discover that simultaneously sketching and posing doesn’t really work!

This coming up Tuesday I have a better idea of how things will proceed.  I think that we should take turns posing, maybe a half hour per person.  That way everyone will be able to focus on the drawing and at least get to work on two or three portraits.  I have several books we can use but I think the best resource is Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards.  I have the old edition and one of the newer editions.  There is a very good section on drawing portraits that I think we could work from.  If you have a copy please bring it (or you can purchase a used copy fairly inexpensively).  I will try to make copies of some of the more informative pages.

(send me an email if you would like to bring a snack- Stephanie)


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