Fall Gallery Party



I’m just using this photo because I love it so damn much.


I lOVE this time of year and therefore I think we need to have a gallery party!  We’ll light up the chimnea, string up some party lights and get some spicy hot cider going in the backyard.   Plus it will give everyone a chance to finally meet our newest artist, Amy Ross.

Party info:  the party is on Friday October 11, starting around 7:30pm. 

I’m hoping I can convince Tanya to make some tasty appetizers (Rick is hoping for some of those meatballs…). 

I’m working on the “OONZ OONZ” soundtrack this weekend (Earl can be the bouncer again).

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One Response to Fall Gallery Party

  1. Reblogged this on jeromestreetstudios and commented:

    The party is this Friday, and the weather is suppose to be beautiful! Please enter through the back yard on the gallery side (the front door is inaccessible).

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