Sketch Club Tuesday 8/20 7:30-9:00pm

I guess Elizabeth ran one sketch night while I was gone, and last week’s was cancelled due to low attendance.  I am ready to get back to sketching- how about you?  I don’t have the book back from Elizabeth yet, so tomorrow night we might just practice a variety of the techniques we have learned so far.  Charcoal might be fun…

(Everyone is welcome to come- even if you haven’t been to one before…)

The exciting news is that I found not ONE but TWO busts to use as still life subjects in Minnesota.  And yes, I did carry the big one onto the plane as my carry-on item.  That’s dedication for you!

The larger bust:

Isn’t she lovely? She did manage to set off several sensors going through security. The security police were very nice about it…


I found the smaller bust in an antique mall near Ripon, WI.  She is very odd but I love her!

I think she’s carved wood with a painted finish. Maybe some kind of old store model?

I found the bigger bust in the worlds greatest store EVER:  “Hunt and Gather” in Minneapolis.  Here’s a photo of just the first room – and this place is HUGE. 

Really, I’m kinda obsessed with this place. Maybe we can take a club field trip?




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