Sketch Club recap (7/22)

I had so much fun last night!  We all sat on the floor and worked from the same objects.  The first drawing was the “Taking a line for a walk” exercise.  Callie enjoyed this so much that she thinks we should start each class using it as a warm up exercise. 

Callie’s first “take a line for a walk” sketch.
Stephanie’s first “take a line for a walk” sketch.










For our second exercise we sketched a series of superimposed drawings from a still life object using the “look/draw” technique.  We tweaked the exercise a bit by using a different color for each drawing.  Elizabeth donated the “hand of weird proportions” that we used as our model.

Callie’s sketch.
Steph’s sketch.








I really enjoyed the more informal setup – sitting on the floor, using the same models, and definitely the highly entertaining discussion and fine wine!  I don’t know if this would work in a larger group, but I think we should try it again next week. 

I will also try and remember to bring my camera so I can take more action photos!


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