Projects 2-3: A Tactile Self Portrait and Eye/Hand Synchronicity (July 9)

I think it looks just like me!

This Tuesday we will continue to work on Project 2:  A Tactile Self Portrait.  The materials are the same as last week, but I think we should start to experiment with adding color!  Also, if you would like to attempt a life size self portrait, I have a large roll of paper you can use. 

We can also move onto the next lesson, Eye/Hand Synchronicity, if time permits (same materials).  This project requires four small interesting objects to use as a still life.  You can use the same objects I have been putting out if you like, but if you want to try something new please bring your own. 

If we have a big crowd again, some of us can move upstairs. 

(who offered to bring snacks this time?  was it Lisa?)

See you tomorrow night!

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