JSS Artist (WMOS): Stephanie Todhunter

Stephanie opened her third floor studio for visitors during West Medford Open Studios:

(*yes, I’m talking about myself in third person- blogging is weird.  Not only that, I actually took the photo below of myself using a timer because I didn’t have any photos of me in the studio.  I took about ten photos and I kept thinking “wow, the lighting in there is bad, it’s making me look really old”.  And then I realized “holy crap, I AM that old”…)


In 2007 I enrolled in a landscape design program and during the first year I was required to take drafting 101. I spent ALL my free moments working on my drafting projects, and I realized I was way more interested in the drawing part of the classes than in anything else I was taking. I quit the program and started drawing and painting full time.

As a self taught artist, I enjoy being part of the vibrant West Medford, MA art community and read as much as possible about creating art. I love the immediacy and “all or nothing” aspect of working with oil marker, india inks and alcohol inks. In good weather I also work in spray paints. In my paintings, I try to reduce the subject to its most basic idea without sentimentality. I like to experiment with large fields of bold, bright colors, simplicity and strong lines.

Most recently I have been enjoying the intense transparent colors of both india and alcohol inks and have been experimenting with colorless boundaries using liquid masque and artist tape. I sometimes use collage to add humor and spontaneity to the mix. I am always trying new things and definitely have a short attention span when it comes to methods and materials.


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