Guest Artists (WMOS): Linda Dolph

Linda Dolph was one of the guest artists at JSS during West Medford Open Studios: 


There are two arenas of art in which I currently play. One is weaving and the other is gelatin printmaking. I love exploring color/shape/pattern and working spontaneously and can do so in both mediums.

Saori weaving:
Saori weaving is a free form, undemanding style of weaving where every part of a weaving is considered a fingerprint of the artist. Hence, there are no mistakes. I am a bit more particular than that, but I like the accepting aspect of the approach.

Gelatin Printmaking:
In making monotypes, (one of a kind prints from a featureless plate), I use an inked gelatin printing plate as a base for a variety of found and cut objects. I never know what will appear. At times I am delightfully surprised and other times not so much. In some instances, I generate new pieces from original prints by enhancing with colored pencil.


My first remembered encounter with color was melting a red crayon on a hot, old-fashioned, steam radiator in my childhood bedroom. I was completely entranced with the lusciousness of that red wax melting thickly down toward the floor like a sentient being. This love of color later translated into painting in oils and more currently in my weavings and more transparently in my prints. I also seem to have a rooted connection with texture, visual pattern as I refer to it, and just a great enjoyment of finding and creating shapes.

My personal art gives meaning to my life and is my way of both grounding and being connected to my spirit.

Teaching art and Art Therapy have been my dual career choices. I have taught art for 22 years, K-university. Currently I work full time as an Art Therapist and am constantly inspired by the people with whom I work.


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