Productive meeting with Jen Erbe


Jen and I had a meeting this morning and she was very helpful getting the blog and facebook pages set up.  Thanks Jen!  We also talked about some ideas for studio community building. 

Starting this summer the studios will host a Thursday evening friends and family get together, probably once a month.  Just a chance for the artists to come together, have a glass of wine (elderberry, if your brave!) and chat about recent projects.  Totally kid friendly too.

Also starting this summer (hopefully) the studios will also host a Tuesday evening “mini TED talks” event once a month.  Someone from the community (it could be you!) will lead a discussion on a topic of their choice (writing, painting, mixed media, photography, film, you name it) and then there will be an informal reception afterwards.  Please contact me with any ideas you have to share.

I would also like to host a evening discussion this summer about the film “Who Does She Think She Is”.

This is an excellent documentary made about five modern female artists – it’s definitely thought provoking.  See it if you can!

Finally, I am starting to plan the next big gallery party (I sent the possible dates via email).  As soon as we have chosen a date, I will post it online.




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